A downloadable game

A colored retro-style take on a certain offline browser runner game.......

Jump over enemies and obstacles to beat your own high score! 

Doux - a BLUE dino running away from something
Pter - enemies trying to eat Doux
Cacti - don't touch them they're prickly!

Night Mode - Low visibility level
Caution level spike - A caution sign and the enemies would get faster suddenly

Adding more FEATURE in the FUTURE! More parkour like features definitely!

Hopefully I don't get PUNished and have PUN! LUL!

Attributions: (I'm gonna add an attribution page on the game in a few days!)

Doux - https://arks.itch.io/dino-characters (@ScissorMarks)
Parallax Background - https://edermunizz.itch.io/free-pixel-art-hill
Cactus - https://pixabay.com/en/users/JJuni-27151/
Pter - T0misaurus
BGM (Track 9)  - https://tallbeard.itch.io/music-loop-bundle (http://www.abstractionmusic.com/)

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